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Kayumanis Packages


1.5 hours IDR 1,285,000++

This treatment is highly recommended immediately after a long journey to help you recover from jet lag and stiff muscles from being confined to a small space. It commences with a choice of Relaxing or Energy Massage therapies to release tension followed by a stimulating Foot Massage or a Refresher Facial to give the skin a youthful glow.
> Aromatherapy Foot Bath  >  Relaxing or Energy Massage >  Foot Massage or Refresher Facial


2 hours IDR 1,790,000++

Experience the pleasure of overall indulgence with a nurturing treatment that pays attention to every part of the body. The ritual involves a therapeutic massage to optimize energy levels, while a body scrub will revive tired skin and stimulate circulation. A long soak in a bath ritual of your choice will excite the senses.
> Aromatherapy Foot Bath  >  Relaxing or Energy Massage >  Body Scrub  >  Bath Ritual


2 hours IDR 1,790,000++

An enlivening treatment created to balance the body, mind and spirit. Feel your stress and tension melt away under the deep heat of natural volcanic stones applied to strategic energy points of the body. This is followed by a nourishing Kayumanis Facial of your choice.
> Aromatherapy Foot Bath   >  Warm Stone Massage >  Kayumanis Facial


3 hours IDR 2,360,000++

This masculine ritual encourages men to take some quality time out for self indulgence away from the pressures of the business world. All traces of executive stress quickly fade away with an Energy Massage to restore vitality and drive. A reviving facial restores youthful looks, while a pedicure attends to one of the most neglected areas of the male anatomy.
> Aromatherapy Foot Bath  >  Energy Massage >  Traditional Facial  >  Foot Massage >  Pedicure


3 hours IDR 2,500,000++

This pampering ritual for ladies takes a feminine approach towards health and beauty by eliminating cellulite with a mineral clay body scrub. Phase two of the treatment is a 20 minute volcanic mud body mask to draw out any impurities. It is followed by a choice of Relaxing or Energy Massage therapies for a calming effect on the body and mind. This head to toe indulgence concludes with a choice of Kayumanis Facial to enrich the skin.
> Aromatherapy Foot Bath  >   Mineral Clay Body Scrub  >   Mud Wrap   >   Relaxing or Energy Massage  > Kayumanis Facial


3 hours IDR 2,575,000++

A replenishing body and beauty ritual to restore depleted energy levels and leave the skin with a healthy glow. The journey begins with an aromatherapy foot bath and continued with a natural body scrub with a warming mixture of cinnamon, fresh grated of ginger, and a dash of arak. Next is a body wrap with a choice of bengkoang for whitening and cooling effect or ripe of avocado to nourish of dry skin followed by a leisure blend of warm oil to relieve muscle tension and create a feeling of deep relaxation. The pampering comes to an end with a nurturing face and head massage. A tasty light meal is served to seal the journey. 
> Aromatherapy Foot Bath > Cinnamon Body Scrub > Body Wrap > Full Body Massage (healthy meal)